Friends of March

Railway Station






















The “Friends” are a small group of people who wish to make the station a vibrant and attractive place to visit and use.








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The aim of the group is to improve the railway “gateway” into March via the station for the pleasure and delight of visitors and the local commuters who use and pass through the station.


This started by placing flower filled oak barrels on the operational platforms.


Clearing work on the disused part of the station also began, including the disused platforms, bay and station rooms.


When the rooms have been refurbished they will be available for use by local community groups.


Nine track panels donated to FOMRS by Network Rail have been lifted across the wall from the yard and are now in place. The volunteers have worked hard to lay the track into the ballast and curve the rails to follow the sweep of the old disused platform.






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Volunteers are always wanted – there is a lot of work to be done!






Work days are generally held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. For more information contact:


Adrian Sutterby, Chairman at adrian.sutterby@fomrs.org.uk


Gary Christy, Vice Chairman at gary.christy@fomrs.org.uk


There’s still much to do but the work is taking on a new lease of life and looking more and more like the station that was once a hive of activity.


For a fully calendar of events and activities and what’s going on please see our Facebook page at FOMRS March Railway Station







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